Nikola Milosevic

Nikola Milosevic

I am a Web developer,Data analyst


Nikola Milosevic

I am a web developer passionate about entrepreneurship and real estate. I am most familiar with building and optimizing custom made web applications.

Web development


Paid advertising


Data analysis



2017 - 2019


2013 - 2016

Lycée Jean Macé

Avg 2019 - Today

Web developer

- Fixed security flaws
- Improved exporting speed

Apr 2019 - Jul 2019

Web developer
Systems Box

- Making of a Property Management System for hotels (adding new clients, bookings, calendar of all bookings, account creation, adding employees, statistics on:
• Revenue,
• Average length of stay,
• Most profitable months,
• Occupancy rate, etc)
- Making of a Property Management System for investors (adding new acquisitions, investment analysis, monitoring of expenses and revenues, rental management, etc)

Nov 2018 - Apr 2019

Web developer

- Improved calculation scripts (consumption of database's CPU decreased by 70%)
- Developing of import and export tools (Excel files)
- Developing of analyzing tools

Jan 2017 - Sep 2018

Web developer
Systems Box

- Making of a website for classified advertising (creating new accounts, adding advertisements, statistics on:
• Revenue,
• Number of published, unpublished or sold advertisements per month,
• Number of visits, etc)
- Making of showcasing websites
- Making of a Repair Management System ( adding new clients, adding new phones, parts inventory management, statistics on most repaired models, etc)

Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

Web developer

- Making of WordPress themes from HTML templates
- Developing of small e-commerce websites
- Customizing existing WordPress themes