Hi, I'm Nikola

UI, UX Developer

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My skills


HTML 95%
CSS 90%
SQL 90%
PHP 85%
JavaScript 60%
WordPress 50%
C++ 30%

Desing and Photo Editing

PhotoShop 90%
Illustrator 70%


Web Developer

March 2016 - present

I am working as a freelance web developer on upwork.com

My projects

Dating Website Platform


A dating website platform made with PHP, MySQL and AJAX which I have built and will release for public use.
Very user friendly and easily manageable, both for admins and users.

Latest blog posts

Why use a VPN ?

20 January 2016

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) allows you to surf anonymously on the Internet, it secures and encrypts all the data you are sending and receiving. Whoever tries to intercept the encrypted[...]

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11 Reasons why you should use WordPress to run your website

16 January 2016

If you want to make a website, for your company or a personal website and can't decide which software you should use to run it, WordPress is definitely one of[...]

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How to make an animation in PhotoShop

11 February 2015

Knowing how to make an animated gif is really important, maybe you are working on a new project and want to have some animation in it. This is a really[...]

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